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Bronze tribute to our beloved soldiers

January 19th, 2017 by Carey & Amy Hosterman

Soldier's Cross" Bronze Sculpture By Carey & Amy Hosterman"Soldier's Cross" bronze sculpture by Carey & Amy Hosterman, Made in Colorado, USA

Our "Soldier's Cross" shows a Bronze M16 rifle planted in the ground, flanked by a soldier's boots, helmet & googles, backpack and sidearm.

Soldier's Cross" Bronze Sculpture By Carey & Amy HostermanThis bronze tribute to our beloved soldiers who have served our country is made in Colorado.

The sculpture sits on a base of black granite stone. This piece is available in custom sizes. ranging from monumental to 7'' tall x 3'' wide x 4.5" long. (pictured).

Call 970.962.9637 for more information!


Welcome to Hosterman Arts Blog

February 11th, 2016 by Carey & Amy Hosterman

IMG_8772Hi, I'm Carey Hosterman, sculptor and owner/operator of Hosterman Arts.

In our gallery we have the work of sculptors and artists in addition to my own original work.

As an artist, I believe:

Art by definition conveys a message which generates an emotion. That emotion is in and of itself a form of communication, an idea that makes an impact.

I think it is important to realize  about what constitutes art:

Not every form of art communicates with every viewer which only means there is a mismatch between that piece and that person, not the absence of art.

I hope you'll subscribe to this blog, watch our projects take shape and discuss art with us here.